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Kobe Design University Department of Environmental Design
Architectural Design Course
Town Planning and Landscape Design Course
Osaka University Department of Architecture
Global Architecture
University of Tokyo Department of Urban Engineering
Kyoto University Department of Urban and Environmental Engineering
Nagoya University Department of Environmental Engineering and Architecture
Hokkaido University Department of Socio-Environmental Engineering
Public Policy and Engineering
University of Tsukuba College of Policy and Planning Sciences
Urban and Regional Planning
University of Chiba Department of Urban Environment Systems
Waseda University Department of Architecture
Kanazawa University School of Environmental Design
Environment and Disaster Prevention Course
Urban and Transportation Design Course
Tokyo Metropolitan University School of Architecture and Building Science
Kagoshima University Department of Architecture
Tohoku University Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Transportation and Urban Planning
Architectural Design
Kyoto Seika University Department of Architecture
Kyoto Institute of Technology Department of Architecture