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Institute for Housing Studies and Urban Development
E-Learning course on Innovations in Financing Cities
Master of Science in Urban Management and Development
Urban Planning: from Strategy to Local Action.
94th International Course on Housing and Urban Development.
Land Management and Informal Settlement Regularization.
Eco-Cities: Policies for Sustainable Energy.
Master of Science in Management of European Metropolitan Regions.
The Hague Academy for local governance
Gender responsive Governance
Peacebuilding and Local Governance
Citizen Participation and Inclusive Governance
Integrity and anti-corruption
Summercourse Decentralisation and Local Governance
Local Economic Development
Study visit: Integrity Management in the Dutch public sector
Fiscal Decentralisation and Local Finance
Multilevel Water Governance
Security, Governance and Rule of Law in fragile states
Utrecht School of the Arts Faculty of Visual Arts
Master Public Space Design
University of Amsterdam Discipline of Human Geography, Planning and International Development
Master Human Geography
Master International Development Studies
Master Urban and Regional Planning
Research Master International Development Studies
Research Master Urban Studies
Delft University of Technology Faculty of Architecture
MSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences
Delft University of Technology Research Institute for Housing, Urban and Mobility Studies
Housing, Urban and Mobility studies
Eindhoven University of Technology Department of Architecture, Building and Planning
ITC Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Masters Urban Planning and Management
GIS for Urban Planning and Management (Distance - Online Course)
University of Groningen Faculty of Spatial Sciences
Bachelor Human Geography
Bachelor Environmental and Infrastructure Planning
Master Cultural Geography
Master Economic Geography
Master Planning
Master Real Estate Studies
Master Geography & Education
Master of Science in Population Studies
Master Environmental and Infrastructure Planning
University of Twente Centre for Studies in Technology and Sustainable Development
Master of Environmental and Energy Management
Ph.D. in Innovation and Governance for Sustainable Development
University of Utrecht Faculty of GeoSciences
Masters Human Geography and Planning
Masters International Development Studies
Masters Sustainable Development
Masters Urban Geography
Wageningen University Department of Environmental Sciences
MSc Landscape Architecture and Planning
MSc Leisure, Tourism and Environment
MSc Urban Environmental Management