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6-Jan Indonesia International Asian Urbanization Conference
6-Jan India   International Conference on Smart Cities - Challenges & Opportunities
18-Jan Abu Dhabi World Future Energy Summit
21-Jan Cyprus   Housed by Choice, Housed by Force Conference
26-Jan UK   Transport Ticketing and Passenger Information Global
26-Jan Turkey   Smart Rail and Metro Eurasia
28-Jan UK Smart Energy UK & Europe Summit 2015
31-Jan USA
3-Feb UK   Regional Urbanism in the Era of Globalisation
4-Feb UK   Smart Cities UK
10-Feb Netherlands   EIP Water Conference
10-Feb Belgium   2016 European Circular Economy Conference
11-Feb USA New Partners for Smart Growth
16-Feb Belgium   STARS, PTP-Cycle, MOBI projects final conference
17-Feb Mexico   RESURBE III International Conference on Urban Resilience
18-Feb Italy   Sustainable Built Environment 2016 TORINO - Towards Post-Carbon Cities
22-Feb Australia
24-Feb Australia   Light Rail 2016
27-Feb Taiwan
28-Feb USA   RHI's 2016 Sociable City Leadership Summit
1-Mar USA
1-Mar Germany
1-Mar Uruguay   ICEGOV 2016
2-Mar Canada   Third International Cities of Migration Conference
2-Mar Canada Globe 2016
2-Mar Austria Urban Future Global Conference
2-Mar Mexico Urban Renewal and Infrastructure Finance Conference
2-Mar UAE   Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016: Smart Cities and Green Innovation
2-Mar Singapore  
3-Mar Czech   Ritualizing the City: Collective Performances as Aspects of Urban Construction
7-Mar Hong Kong   Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos 2016
8-Mar Hong Kong   5th Annual Vertical Cities
8-Mar Germany SBE16 International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment
8-Mar Egypt Towards a Smart City
8-Mar Australia   UDIA Congress 2016
8-Mar Sweden   Meeting Point Urban Magma
8-Mar UK   The Future of Smart Cities
10-Mar Canada   Urban Design Forum
10-Mar Canada   AIPH International Green City Conference 2016
15-Mar Oman
16-Mar USA
16-Mar Malta   SBE Malta 2016
16-Mar Turkey   6th Antalya International City Planning and Technologies Fair
16-Mar UK   The Connected City Summit
17-Mar Australia Green Cities
18-Mar USA   Urban Design Conference
21-Mar USA   15th Annual Parks & Greenspace Conference
22-Mar Taiwan Taipei Smart City Summit and Expo
22-Mar Hong Kong   Smart Cities World Asia
22-Mar USA   Safe Rail Congress
23-Mar Netherlands   2016 3rd International Conference on Civil and Urban Engineering
28-Mar Brazil   Smart City Business America Congress and Expo
31-Mar Taiwan   Inheriting the City
1-Apr UK   Digital-Cultural Ecology and the Medium-Sized City
1-Apr USA   International Conference on Urban Health
4-Apr Austria eseia TUG International Conference on Smart and Green Transition in Cities and Regions
5-Apr Bulgaria   ‘Smart Cities’ – Exhibition and Conference for South - East Europe
5-Apr Netherlands   Intertraffic Amsterdam
5-Apr USA   Safe Routes to School
6-Apr Russia
6-Apr Italy   Solid Urban Waste Management
7-Apr Netherlands   Sustainable Built Environment 2016: Transition Zero
7-Apr Turkey   Cities and City Plans: The Past and The Future
11-Apr Vietnam   International Conference on the Sustainable Development of Civil, Urban and Transportation Engineering
12-Apr Germany   European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
12-Apr Germany   New Mobility
14-Apr Cyprus   Smart Urban Development and Blue Growth opportunities for cities, communities and islands in the Mediterranean basin
15-Apr USA   TEC 2016
17-Apr Poland   6th European Transport Research Conference
19-Apr Netherlands   Smart Rail Europe
19-Apr Australia   Smart Cities Australia Summit
19-Apr Netherlands   Design and the City
20-Apr Cyprus CEMR Congress
21-Apr Turkey   1st International Winercost Conference
21-Apr Spain   7th Biennial Surveillance & Society Conference
21-Apr USA   Water Resilient Cities Congress
22-Apr Italy   IFLA World Congress
23-Apr Italy Smart Greens 2016
25-Apr USA   Ideas City
25-Apr Canada   International Conference on Urban Traffic Safety
26-Apr UK   Smart to Future Cities
26 Apr Sweden   EUREKA 2016 - Smart Cities, Sustainable & Attractive Communities
27-Apr Germany   Energy Harvesting and Storage 2016
27-Apr Spain   8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns
4-May Iran International Conference on Urban Slums
10-May Netherlands Adaptation Futures 2016
11-May India   2nd Smart Cities India
15-May Canada   Global Public Transport Meeting
17-May Germany   15th Border Regions in Transition (BRIT). Conference Cities, States and Borders: From the Local to the Global
17-May Sweden   The International Conference on Regional Climate 
18-May Germany International Transport Forum Summit 2016: Green and Inclusive Transport
18-May Austria   International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government (CeDEM) 2016
23-May Dubai   Smart Data Sumit Dubai
24-May Italy Smart Lighting
24-May Japan   2nd EAI International Conference on IoT in Urban Space
25-May Mexico   EAI International Conference on Smart Cities and the Future Internet
26-May UK Metro Rail
29-May China
30-May Canada   Grey to Green
31-May Germany


Singapore   Countering Urban Heat Island 2016
31-May Portugal   IUPEA Symposium - "Cities for Us: Engaging Communities and Citizens for Sustainable Development"
1-Jun Germany   mobil.TUM 2016 Transforming Urban Mobility
1-Jun Turkey   Energy Cities Annual Confrence
3-Jun UK   PASCAL International Conference
6-Jun Canada   World Conference on Disaster Management
6-Jun UK ITS European Congress
7-Jun Austria   The 15th World Conference of Historical Cities
7-Jun Netherlands
8-Jun Netherlands   Week of Innovative Regions in Europe (WIRE) 2016
8-Jun USA   Congress for New Urbanism
13-Jun Italy
14-Jun France   Transports Publics 2016
15-Jun Portugal REHAB 2016
16-Jun Germany   Informed Cities Forum
16-Jun France Innovative City 2016
16-Jun Italy   EURA 2016 Conference: City Limits
16-Jun Slovenia   16th European Conference on eGovernment
17-Jun USA   RSA 2nd North America Conference 2016: Cities and Regions: Managing Growth and Change
19-Jun Germany 8th International Cities for Mobility Congress
20-Jun Greece   VI International Conference on Landscape and Urban Horticulture
21-Jun UK Safe Cities
22-Jun Germany
23-Jun USA Disaster Risk Reduction, Response and Sustainable Reconstruction
26-Jun Canada   World Parking Symposium Conference
26-Jun China   International Low Impact Design Conference
27-Jun South Africa   World Leisure Congress
27-Jun UK   International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction
28-Jun UK ENHR Conference
28-Jun Australia World Congress on Active Ageing
28-Jun France   Novatech - 9th international conference on planning and technologies for sustainable urban water management
29-Jun Poland   Moving Cities: Contested Views on Urban Life
30-Jun Hungary   5th Fábos Conference on Landscape and Greenway Planning 2016
30-Jun UK European Conference on Human Centred Design for ITS
30-Jun Portugal   International Conference on Urban Risks
3-Jul Brazil   IV World Planning Schools Congress
8-Jul China   2nd SURE World Conference 2016
10-Jul Singapore World Cities Summit
10-Jul Singapore   CleanEnviro Summit
12-Jul Portugal   HERITAGE 2016 – 5th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development
12-Jul France Smart Countries and Cities Congress
21-Jul Mexico   The transgressive city
25-Jul USA
4-Aug Finland   Poverty's Causes and Consequences in the Urban Developing World
22-Aug Denmark   Culture in Urban Space: Urban Form, Cultural Landscapes, Life in the City
24-Aug Finland Reinterpreting Cities
24-Aug China   2nd Urban Agriculture Conference
28-Aug Switzerland
29-Aug France   EcoSummit 2016
29-Aug Denmark   Branding the Intangible: Culture and Heritage in City Branding and Tourism Marketing
1-Sep Hawaii   IUCN World Conservation Congress
4-Sep Romania   INURA Conference
5-Sep China Urban Transitions
6-Sep Dubai   Cityscape Global
7-Sep Croatia   First International Conference on Smart Data and Smart Cities
12-Sep Russia 15th World Conference of Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space
12-Sep Canada Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place
14-Sep Russia   ACUUS World Conference
19-Sep Serbia ISWA World Congress
6-Oct Norway   Nordic Edge Expo
9-Oct Australia
10-Oct Australia   ITS World Congress 2016
12-Oct Colombia
14-Oct Italy   Green Urbanism
16-Oct Finland   Smart City Event
17-Oct Ecuador
19-Oct Singapore LTA-UITP Singapore International Transport Congress and Exhibition (SITCE)
1-Nov USA   Cities Alive
9-Nov Lebanon   City Street 2


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