JULY 2015                                                                                                                                    UPGRADE TO A BANNER LISTING?

1-Jul Portugal   Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, SEB-15
1-Jul UK   Intelligent Mobility 2015
1-Jul New Zealand   Cities in a Climate of Change
1-Jul France   World Summit Climate and Territories
2-Jul UK   Coastal Cities 2015
2-Jul Belgium   NweRIDE European Ridesharing Seminar
6-Jul Australia
6-Jul Australia   Livable Cities for the future
6-Jul UK   Reconstruction and Recovery in Urban Contexts
6-Jul UK   International Green Wall Conference
6-Jul UK   1st International Conference on Transport and Health
7-Jul USA   Computers in Urban Planning and Management
8-Jul Brazil   CAAD Futures Conference
8-Jul Australia   Safe Cities
9-Jul Singapore   Creating a Future-Ready City: Smart, Sustainable, People-centric
13-Jul Portugal   4th International Conference on Smart Grid Systems
13-Jul Czech Republic   AESOP Prague 2015
14-Jul Netherlands   European Working Group on Transportation
17-Jul Australia   International Conference on Building Resilience
19-Jul Netherlands   Conference on Advanced Systems in Public Transport
20-Jul France   9th International Conference on Urban Climate
20-Jul USA   Cities for Tomorrow
21-Jul Spain   IADIS International Conference on Connected Smart Cities
22-Jul Portugal
22-Jul Australia   ICTC and Mainstreet 2015 Conference
25-Jul China   4th International Conference on Civil Engineering and Urban Planning (CEUP2015)
28-Jul Portugal   TRANSED 2015
28-Jul Malaysia   5th Annual Cybersecurity for Government Summit
28-Jul Austria   Mayoral Conference on the City Prosperity Initiative
31-Jul Russia   Eurasia Local Governments Summit


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