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JUNE 2015                                                                                                                           UPGRADE TO A BANNER LISTING?

1-Jun Germany   IAPH World Ports Conference
1-Jun Netherlands   EuroNoise 2015
1-Jun Austria   European Biomass Conference and Exhibition
1-Jun Canada   Grey to Green
1-Jun Norway   12th Urban Environment Symposium
2-Jun Belgium   Cities Forum
3-Jun Netherlands
3-Jun Germany   Smart Urban Freight
3-Jun Belgium   Green Week 2015
3-Jun France   Intermodes 2015
4-Jun China   International Conference on City Sciences
6-Jun Hong Kong   6th Urban Space and Social Life: Projects in Cities & Identities
7-Jun Canada World Conference on Disaster Management
7-Jun Russia   IFLA World Congress
8-Jun UK   Smart City Smart World
8-Jun Italy
8-Jun Germany Major Cities of Europe Annual Conference
9-Jun Sweden   Towards Zero 2015
9-Jun Canada   The Intelligent Community Forum 2015 Summit
9-Jun Portugal   18th AGILE Conference: Geographic information Science as an enabler of smarter cities and communities
9-Jun Indonesia
9-Jun Malaysia Global Tourism Cities 2015
9-Jun Liechtenstein
10-Jun Belgium   European Forum on Urban Forestry
14-Jun South Africa   2nd Annual City Development Africa
14-Jun Korea   8th Knowledge Cities World Summit
15-Jun France   Renewable Energy and public transport conference
16-Jun UK
16-Jun Romania   2nd European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
16-Jun UK
17-Jun France   3rd International Solar District Heating Conference
17-Jun Canada   Urban Ecologies
18-Jun Slovenia   2nd International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies
18-Jun Portugal   Cities for Accessibility, Jobs and Inclusion
18-Jun Czech
18-Jun Belgium   E² Tech4Cities – Energy & Efficiency Technologies for Cities
21-Jun Belgium   The Fourth International Conference on Smart Systems, Devices and Technologies
22-Jun Greece   Changing Cities
22-Jun Spain   Smart Homes and Urban Renewal Conference
24-Jun Finland   WHO Healthy Cities Conference
24-Jun Czech   Smart Cities Symposium Prague 2015
24-Jun Belgium   LaMiLo Conference
25-Jun USA
25-Jun France Innovative City Convention
25-Jun Austria
25-Jun France   Security & Tourism: Local Policies and Practices
28-Jun Portugal ENHR 2015
29-Jun UK
29-Jun France   2nd International & Comparative Urban Law Conference
30-Jun Germany Mobil.TUM 2015


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