OCTOBER 2015                                                                                                           UPGRADE TO A BANNER LISTING?

1-Oct Italy   URBE - URban freight and BEhavior change Conference
1-Oct Austria   Vienna: the world's most livable city
1-Oct Australia   Smart Future Cities
1-Oct Czech Rep.   Seamless Travel: Fiction or Reality
5-Oct France
5-Oct Singapore   Annual International Conference on Urban Planning and Property Development
5-Oct USA   Cities Alive
6-Oct Poland   9th International Conference Innovative Solutions for Revitalisation of Degraded Areas
7-Oct France   Smart Grid and Smart City
7-Oct Spain   Greencities and Sustainability
8-Oct Canada   Inve$table City: 2015 Canadian Urban Forum
8-Oct Italy   City as a Service
10-Oct Ukraine   VeloForum 2015
11-Oct Abu Dhabi
11-Oct Italy   IEEE PES Smart Grids for Smart Cities International Forum
12-Oct Switzerland   Smart Cities and Sport Summit
13-Oct UK   Cities of Health
13-Oct Canada   International Conference on Smart Grids for Smart Cities
13-Oct Canada   Smart City 360 Summit
13-Oct Slovakia   Smart City 360 Summit
13-Oct Canada   International Conference on Smart Urban Mobility Services
13-Oct Slovakia   Civictech
14-Oct Italy   International Conference on: Urban Planning and Architectural Design for Sustainable Development
14-Oct Japan World Green Infrastructure Congress
14-Oct Italy   Urban Planning and Architectural Design for Sustainable Development
14-Oct Australia   Australasian Road Safety Conference
15-Oct UK
15-Oct Eire  
15-Oct Spain   3rd European Cycle Logistics Federation Conference
18-Oct UK   CityLab 2015
18-Oct Jordan
19-Oct Jordan   IWA Development Congress & Exhibition 2015
19-Oct Netherlands
19-Oct Australia Water Sensitive Urban Design 2015
20-Oct Austria
20-Oct USA   Chief Data Officer Government Summit
20-Oct Malaysia   Future Cities Asia
20-Oct Belgium   Innovating Cities with Nature and Culture
21-Oct UK   How Do I Make My City Smart conference
21-Oct Italy   Professional Lighting Design Conference
21-Oct USA   2015 METRANS International Urban Freight Conference
21-Oct UK   Routes to Clean Air
21-Oct Indonesia   Sixth Asia-Pacific Urban Forum
22-Oct USA   Transit Oriented Development Conference
23-Oct Spain   Energy | City | Climate Forum & Exhibition - Global Eco Forum
25-Oct USA   Railvolution 2015
25-Oct Mexico   IEEE International Smart Cities Conference
26-Oct USA   2015 CTBUH Conference
26-Oct Canada   2015 Quest Conference and Tradeshow
26-Oct Indonesia   PlanoCosmo International Conference
26-Oct Sri Lanka   International Conference on Cities, People and Places
26-Oct Italy   2nd International Conference on Mobility in IoT
26-Oct Switzerland   Conference on Migrants and Cities
27-Oct Canada   Creative City Summit
27-Oct Belgium   Base EU Cities
27-Oct Belgium   Smart Cities: Supporting an Innovative and Sustainable Development of Urban Areas
28-Oct USA   Designing Cities
28-Oct Hong Kong   World Green Building Congress
28-Oct USA   SmartRail USA


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