SEPTEMBER 2015                                                                                                       UPGRADE TO A BANNER LISTING?

1-Sep Australia   Inspiring Livable Cities for a Better Vision
1-Sep France
2-Sep Sweden
2-Sep Singapore   International Green Building Conference
3-Sep Finland   1st International City Regeneration Congress
7-Sep Israel
7-Sep Belgium ISWA World Congress
7-Sep Denmark   EnviroInfo and ICT4S
7-Sep Mexico International Metropolis Conference
8-Sep Australia   Australian Smart Lighting Summit
9-Sep Switzerland   CISBAT  International Conference
9-Sep Sweden   Fast Zero
10-Sep UK   Architecture and Resilience on a Human Scale
10-Sep Denmark   Smart Solutions for Innovative Cities Conference
13-Sep Australia   Asia Pacific Cycle Congress
13-Sep USA   Linking Urban and Rural Tourism: Strategies in Sustainability
14-Sep Croatia   International Conference on Urban Culture
14-Sep USA   Smart Cities Week
14-Sep Italy The Future of Mobilities
14-Sep Germany   Hamburg Urban Transport Weeks
15-Sep Germany   4th International Cycling Safety Conference
16-Sep Austria
16-Sep Italy   Sustainable Places 2015
17-Sep Romania   EURA 2015
17-Sep Greece   Hybrid City 2015
17-Sep Spain   How to Use EU Funds for Renewable Energy Projects
17-Sep Italy   Citytech Bustech
20-Sep USA   2015 International Conference on Ecology and Transportation
20-Sep Canada   Urban Drainage Modelling conference
20-Sep USA   IDA Annual Conference
21-Sep Australia
21-Sep Portugal   Sharing Cultures 2015 - 4th International Conference on Intangible Heritage
21-Sep Belgium   New Ideals
22-Sep Canada   Car Sharing Conference
22-Sep Italy   International Seminar on Urban Form
23-Sep Germany   17th EPA Congress
23-Sep Norway   Oslo Urban Arena
23-Sep Italy   Smart Mobility World
23-Sep Poland   Smart City Forum
24-Sep Germany   Empowering people for the smart energy system of the future - Final conference of the S3C project
24-Sep Portugal   CITTA 8th Annual conference on planning research
25-Sep Slovakia   Global Dwelling - Housing regeneration strategies
28-Sep Germany
28-Sep Canada   Livable Cities Forum
28-Sep USA   International Bycycle Urbanism Symposium
29-Sep Malaysia   International Conference on World Class Sustainable Cities
29-Sep Belgium   Transition towards Sustainable and Liveable Urban Futures
30-Sep Brazil   Urbantec Brasil
30-Sep France   Transports Public


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