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      EVENTS IN 2018
  5-Jan India International Conference on Smart City and Emerging Trends
  6-Jan Ghana 1st EAI Conference on SmartCities and Smart Solutions for Sustainable Development 2017
  15-Jan Abu Dhabi World Future Energy Summit
  15-Jan Ghana 1st EAI Conference on SmartCities and Smart Solutions for Sustainable Development 2017
  18-Jan India Smart Cities: Geospatial and ICT Enabling Smart Cities
  23-Jan UK Transport Ticketing 2018
  25-Jan UK Healthy Cities – The Design, Planning and Politics of How and Where We Live
  25-Jan Norway Nordic Urban Assembly
1-Feb Norway Nordic EV Summit
  1-Feb UK Smart Cities 2018
  1-Feb South Africa ACC International Urban Conference
  2-Feb USA New Partners for Smart Growth
  6-Feb Canada FCM Sustainable Communities Conference
  7-Feb Netherlands Urban Cultures, Superdiversity and Intangible Heritage
7-Feb Malaysia World Urban Forum
11-Feb USA Global Waste Management Symposium
  11-Feb Canada Active Living Research Annual Conference
17-Feb Kuwait 5th International Green Roof Congress
26-Feb India World Green Infrastructure Congress
  28-Feb Austria Urban Future Global Conference
  1-Mar Canada Cyber Security 2018
  5-Mar Canada Cities and Climate Change Conference
6-Mar Germany IT Trans
  15-Mar USA 15th Annual Urban Design Conference
  16-Mar Portugal Smart Greens 2018
  18-Mar Abu Dhabi Constructing an Urban Future: the Sustainability and Resilience of Cities-Infrastructures, Communities and Architectures
  18-Mar Brazil 8th World Water Forum
  20-Mar Netherlands Intertraffic Amsterdam
  21-Mar Australia Cities 4.0
  26-Mar USA Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo - Placing Cities First
27-Mar Bulgaria Smart Cities Exhibition and Conference for SouthEast Europe
  27-Mar Taiwan Smart City Summit & Expo 2017
4-Apr Canada 48th Annual Meeting Urban Affairs Association
  5-Apr Hungary Smart Cities Central & Eastern Europe
  9-Apr Dubai Future Cities Show
  11-Apr Switzerland SmartSuisse - Smart up Your City
  16-Apr Austria TRA Conference: a digital era for transport
  18-Apr Spain World Metro & Light Rail Congress & Expo 2018
  18-Apr France Energy Cities 2018
  22-Apr Taiwan International Conference on Intelligent Building and Smart Grid
  25-Apr Oman Smart City Oman
  25-Apr Turkey International Istanbul Smart Grids and Cities Congress and Fair
  25-Apr Germany Polis Convention
  25-Apr Czech Urbis Smart Cities Fair
26-Apr Germany Resilient Cities 2018
  3-May UK Smart Urban Mobility Solutions
  6-May Dubai 24th GCC Smart Government and Smart Cities Conference
  14-May Singapore 6th International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering
14-May Canada 55th IMCL Conference on Healthy, 10-Minute Neighborhoods
  23-May India 4th Smart Cities India
  28-May Canada Communities, Conservation and Livelihoods Conference
  30-May Spain Green Cities 2018
  30-May Ireland Smart Cities Summit
11-Jun Spain CEMR Conference: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
12-Jun Brazil Velo-city 2018
  18-Jun South Africa Adaptation Futures
19-Jun Canada ICLEI World Congress
  20-Jun Netherlands We make the city
8-Jul Singapore World Cities Summit
9-Jul Singapore SITCE 2018
  10-Jul Sweden AESOP Annual Congress
  6-Aug USA International Conference on Urban Climate
  12-Aug Turkey VII International Conference on Landscape and Urban Horticulture
26-Aug Switzerland International Disaster and Risk Conference
  29-Aug Italy 14th International Conference on Urban History
  16-Sep USA Walk Bike Places
17-Sep Denmark ITS World Congress
  23-Sep USA IBPC2018! Healthy, Intelligent, and Resilient Buildings and Urban Environments
26-Sep Finland Smart Cities in Smart Regions 2018 Conference
  14-Oct South Africa Planning Africa 2018
  5-Nov Hong Kong ACUUS 2018 Integrated Undergound Solutions for Compact Metropolitan Cities
  13-Nov Portugal 15th International Congress of the International Association of Educating Cities
  23-Nov Malta Cities as Community Spaces Conference
  28-Nov UK Eurocities 2018