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    EVENTS IN MAY 2017
  1-May USA Main Street Now
  2-May USA Vision Zero Cities Conference
  2-May Austria Smart Cities Days 2017 & Smart City Forum „Experience Urban Transformation“
  3-May USA Smart Cities NYC 17
  3-May Dubai Smart Skycrapers Summit 2017
  3-May UK Conscious Cities Conference No. 2
4-May Australia
4-May Turkey International City Planning and Urban Design Conference 2017
  4-May Germany Resilient Cities 2017
  7-May USA Lightfair International
  7-May USA Sustainatopia 2017
  8-May Portugal IEEE International Workshop on Future Networks for Secure Smart Cities (FNSSC 2017)
  8-May USA 5th International Roundabout Conference
  8-May USA Waste Expo 2017
  8-May Singapore 5th Annual International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering (ACE 2017)
  8-May USA Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley
9-May Canada 2017 Urban Security and Resilience Conference, Workshop, and Exhibition
  10-May India 3rd Smart Cities India 2017 Exhibition and Conference
  10-May UK Smart Urban Mobility Solutions 2017
  10-May Rwanda Transform Africa Summit; Smart Cities - Fast Forward
11-May Egypt Cities Through Architecture and Arts (CTAA)
11-May Canada ICSC 2017 : 19th International Conference on Smart Cities
  11-May Austria Salzburg Congress For Urban Planning and Development
  11-May Netherlands 2nd Vehicle 2 Grid Conference
14-May UK
  14-May USA International Conference on Ecology and Transportation
15-May Canada
15-May UK Smart Cities Expo World Forum UK
  15-May France Smart City Live
  15-May France Second International Conference on National Urban Policy
  15-May Belize Caribbean Urban Forum 2017
  15-May USA Great Water Cities - Invest4Resilience
  15-May USA CEOs for Cities Cluster Workshop
  16-May Belgium ABMTRANS'17
16-May Belgium Smart Cities Conference
  16-May UK Smart to Future Cities & Urban IoT
  16-May Saudi Arabia Saudi Smart Cities
17-May Canada
17-May Morocco Smart City Expo Casablanca
17-May Taiwan 25th Pacific Conference of the RSAI 
  17-May Canada Blue Cities 2017
  CANCELLED Greece City Makers Summit
  17-May Austria Future of Building
  17-May China WCS Mayors Forum
18-May China 3rd Conference on Internet of Things and Smart City
18-May India Municipalika 2017
  18-May Belgium CIMEC Final Conference
  19-May Romania Building Urban Tourism through Placemaking and Urban Regeneration
20-May Dubai Smart Government and Smart Cities Conference
  21-May USA 2017 IPI Conference & Expo
  22-May Greece 12th Annual International Symposium on Environment
  22-May Mexico Global Platform for Disaster Reduction
  23-May USA 2017 Symposium: Equity and the Urban Forest
25-May Poland Seventh International Conference onThe Constructed Environment
  25-May Czech Rep. 2017 Smart City Symposium Prague (SCSP)
  25-May Russia Saint Petersburg International Smart City and Smart Home Expo & Congress 2017
26-May Canada The Future of Cities - Augmenting Urban Innovation
  29-May Australia Australian Smart Communities Conference
  29-May Belgium JPI Urban Europe Conference
30-May Germany Smart Lighting 2017
  31-May Croatia European Cities Marketing International Conference
31-May Germany International Transport Forum
  31-May Netherlands European Conference on Mobility Management
  31-May Sweden Meeting Point Urban Magma
  31-May Canada Next City Vanguard Conference
  31-May Sweden World Towns Leadership Summit 2017
  31-May Kazakhstan IDC Smart City Forum 2017
  31-May USA People and Places 2017
  31-May Spain European Forum on Urban Forestry
  31-May Belgium Cities for Food Systems Innovation and Green Jobs