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1-Sep Online
  1-Sep Korea City development policy for inclusion of migrants
  4-Sep Albania ENHR 2017: Affordable Housing for All
  4-Sep Hong Kong Asia Pacific Housing Forum 2017
  6-Sep China Smart Cities: Present and Future Conference
6-Sep Switzerland CISBAT 2017
  6-Sep China Smart City China 2017
  6-Sep USA Smart Cities Summit
  6-Sep USA Catalyzing the climate economy
  7-Sep Japan Local Renewables Conference 2017
  7-Sep Australia City Disrupt Sydney 2017
  7-Sep Spain The crucial role of services in business and cities competitiveness.
7-Sep Malaysia
  7-Sep Singapore International Housing Forum
  8-Sep Sweden Urban Growth – Perennial Plantings Beyond Nature
  9-Sep Canada 9th Annual Council for Canadian Urbanism Summit (CanU9): City Making Math: The Art and Science of Urban Design
10-Sep Czech International Conference on Urban Drainage
10-Sep Korea Asia Pacific Cities Summit
  11-Sep USA Transportation and Communities Summit
  11-Sep UK Rethinking Global Urban Justice
  11-Sep Singapore 1st International Conference on Smart Grid Technologies
11-Sep Morocco
  11-Sep Germany International Conference on Urban Farming
12-Sep Austria
  12-Sep Italy Green Cities
  12-Sep UK Smart Cities Live London
  12-Sep Malaysia Asia Pacific Smart Cities Forum
  12-Sep Denmark Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating 2017
  13-Sep Spain FREVUE - ELIPTIC Workshop
13-Sep Switzerland SMAR 2017, the fourth International Conference on Smart Monitoring, Assessment and Rehabilitation of Civil Structures
13-Sep Switzerland
  13-Sep Georgia 10th Local Economic Development Forum 'Progressive Cities'
  13-Sep Korea 2nd Asia Pacific Urban Forestry Meeting: Acting together for greener and cooler cities
  14-Sep Switzerland Smart City Day 2017
  14-Sep Korea World Human Rights Cities Forum 2017
  14-Sep Austria International Conference on Working Class Districts Urban Transformations and Qualities of Life in the Growing City 
  15-Sep Vietnam International Conference ”Future City 2017: Urban Sustainable Development and Mobility”
  16-Sep Canada Climate Change Adaptation 2017 
  17-Sep USA Rail-volution
  18-Sep Netherlands International Metropolis Conference 2017
  18-Sep Australia International Riversymposium
18-Sep USA Cities Alive 2017
  18-Sep Japan Fast-Zero 17
  18-Sep Slovenia LUX Europa 2017
  18-Sep Canada Livable Cities Forum 2017
  18-Sep Ireland UNESCO International Conference on Learning Cities
  19-Sep Germany International Cycling Conference 2017
19-Sep Canada Walk 21 Calgary (re) connecting community together
  19-Sep Belgium Smart City Wallonia
  19-Sep Germany Cities and Climate Conference
  19-Sep China TM Forum Smart City InFocus 2017
  20-Sep Finland Smart City Event Tampere
  20-Sep Korea Smart Cities Innovation Summit Asia
20-Sep Norway Oslo Urban Arena 2017
  20-Sep UK The Future High Street - Digital High Street
20-Sep Netherlands
  20-Sep Croatia Mapping Urban Change
  20-Sep Sweden Urban Green Infrastructure - Connecting People and Nature for Sustainable Cities
  21-Sep USA International Cycling Safety Conference
  21-Sep China Qinling Eco Forum
  21-Sep Italy Managing socio-cultural factors during emergencies in public transport systems
  24-Sep Norway Global Parliament of Mayors 2017
  25-Sep USA ISWA World Congress
26-Sep Germany
26-Sep Portugal
  26-Sep Portugal SUMPs-Up workshop - national urban mobility programmes
27-Sep Norway
  27-Sep Norway Wood Based Zero Cities
  27-Sep Spain XXIV ISUF Conference in Valencia
  27-Sep Germany Culture meets urban development
  27-Sep Italy 3rd CINI Annual Conference on ICT for Smart Cities & Communities
  28-Sep Argentina Smart City Expo Buenos Aires
  28-Sep Greece SmartBlue City
  28-Sep Austria Urban Densification – the challenge for open space
  29-Sep France International Forum Creative Mobilities
  29-Sep Portugal Mayors and Water Conference
  29-Sep Taiwan International Forum on Climate Change and City Transformation
  29-Sep Spain Mobility Eco Forum - The Future of Mobile Lives in Cities