Extended Deadline November 15, 2018

56th International Making Cities Livable Conference on
A Healthy City for ALL

Sentinel Hotel, June 17-21, 2019

We rejoice that many cities now are becoming more healthy, by making great improvements in walkability, bikeability, public transit, and access to community, nature and healthy food. We will hear from some of the best models around the world.

The BIG challenge that we all face is that these goals are not reaching the population groups most in need. The poorest neighborhoods suffer the greatest health problems. We will hear from cities that are tackling these problems head on with outstanding programs for equitable, healthy neighborhoods. Join us in Portland to share solutions!



Paper proposals are invited from elected officials, scholars and practitioners concerned with issues such as the following:

  • The Healthy City
  • The City for All
  • Healthy Transportation Planning
  • Public Health and Planning Collaborate
  • Access to Nature
  • Public Places for Social Life
  • Healthy Urban Fabric for 10-Minute neighborhoods


  • Transforming Suburbs into Walkable Neighborhoods
  • Architecture for a Healthy City
  • Sustainable, Equitable Housing
  • Combatting inequitable gentrification
  • Ending homelessness
  • Strengthening ethnic and cultural diversity
  • Reducing Negative Health Impacts
  • Community Participation
  • Maintaining a City’s Identity

For more information about the Call for Papers, and to submit a proposal, see:


The 2019 IMCL Design Competition jury will consider all submissions that speak to Designing a Healthy City for All. Projects that emphasize Health, Equity, Community, and Sustainability are actively sought, and will be given particular consideration.

For more information about the Competition, and to submit a design, see

Welcome to 56th IMCL conference in Portland

On behalf of the residents of the Portland metropolitan region, I am honored to welcome you to greater Portland for the 56th International Making Cities Livable Conference on A Healthy City for ALL. As the agency responsible for planning in an area encompassing 24 cities and 3 counties, Metro has a strong role in shaping the places where we live, work, commute, and enjoy nature to create vibrant and healthy communities.

Tom Hughes
Metro Council President

We are delighted to welcome delegates to the 56th International Making Cities Livable Conference to Portland, and thrilled by the conference theme, “A Healthy City for ALL.”

This is an effort close to the heart of all Portlanders as we introduce strategies to make our neighborhoods healthier places to live, as we expand our programming to continue to produce housing units and to compassionately address homelessness.

Mayor Ted Wheeler
City of Portland

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