ONE MONTH TO GO until the first major conference on cities to resume IN PERSON: International Making Cities Livable

(IMCL) conference June 8-12, in Carmel, Indiana, USA


Final preparations are under way for the IMCL as most if not all attendees are expected to be vaccinated, and organizers finish planning workshops, tours, musical events, a Farmers' Market, and much more


Join us for the first major conference on cities to resume IN PERSON at the 57th IMCL conference in Carmel.


We’ll learn the latest tools and strategies to respond to emerging urban challenges and opportunities. We’ll gather in a premier peer-to-peer forum of city leaders, urban researchers and professionals, founded in 1985. Our gracious and livable host city is a fascinating laboratory of successful social, ecological and economic innovations.

This year we will assess the emerging lessons of the pandemic, with a special focus on health, well-being, equity, affordability, and the transition to a more sustainable generation of cities, towns and suburbs.

We’ll focus in particular on the latest tools and strategies needed to transform declining car-dependent 20th century cities and towns into thriving, human-centered 21st century places, combining walkability, diversity, affordability, a mix of uses, transportation choice, healthy lifestyles, and of course, livability.

We’re privileged to have leading researchers and practitioners in suburb and street retrofits to achieve social, economic and environmental goals, including Ellen Dunham Jones, co-author of the new book Case Studies in Retrofitting Suburbia; Chris Leinberger, former Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution, current professor at George Washington University, and author of The Option of Urbanism; Doug Kelbaugh, former dean of the University of Michigan School of Architecture, and author of The Urban Fix; and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, co-founder of the Congress for the New Urbanism, and co-author of Suburban Nation.

We’ll also have leading researchers into frontline city challenges, including Patrick Condon, Professor at the University of British Columbia and author of Sick Cities: Disease, Race, Inequality and Urban Land; Setha Low, anthropologist and environmental psychologist at City University of New York, and director of the Public Space Research Group; and Vikas Mehta, Fruth Gemini Chair at the University of Cincinnati, and author/editor of The Routledge Handbook of Public Space.

We will also have over 50 breakout sessions with leading researchers and practitioners from the USA and internationally. (Because of the pandemic and restricted travel, some of these presentations may be by video.)

While we expect that most or all attendees will have already received COVID-19 vaccinations, the City of Carmel is also offering a FREE Johnson and Johnson (one-shot) vaccination to any registered attendee who wants it on arrival.

We will also offer ample space for social distancing with our state of the art 1,700 seat auditorium, and a limit of just 350 attendees. Many activities will also occur outdoors, including tours and other events.

For more information, please visit We hope to see you in Carmel!


The IMCL Board of Stewards, many of whom will be keynote speakers at the 57th IMCL conference in Carmel, June 8-12.



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